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At The Inner Sanctum Oakland we are committed to creating a  welcoming community where you are supported in activating your potential, remembering your true nature,  and living an empowered life. 


We are committed to your empowerment and providing you with the tools and teachings for you to live your best life.


Are you looking for answers?

Do you feel like there is something you are missing?

Is there an underlying feeling that you have a greater purpose to fulfill but can't remember what it is?


At The Inner Sanctum Oakland, we are passionate about you awakening to your potential, helping you step outside of limiting beliefs systems and find that something more to life you have been looking for.


We invite you to discover the ancient wisdoms used throughout the centuries by many of the great masters in achieving success.  These tools and teachings are now available to all.


Step into The Inner Sanctum and Know Thyself....

Welcome to The Inner Sanctum!
Empowering you to live your true potential! 



  • Community Meditation Nights

  • Ancient Lineage classes which teach you tools for empowering your life, your home and office 

  • Ancient Healing modalities for the Body, Mind & Spirit 

  • A path of progression that offers a lifetime of continued learning and self-improvement  (learn more)

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Join us for Community Meditation Nights
Wednesday Evenings at 7pm at the Inner Sanctum Oakland. 
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