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The Life Activation are the first step in accessing your true potential!  This activation infuses an individual’s body with pure light which helps to breakthrough old patterns and create a more fulfilling life.


The Life Activation brings forth natural gifts and talents, assists in releasing genetic patterns and Increases physical and mental energy.


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The Empower Thyself Class and Initiation is the truest and highest form of service to humanity and to the planet. It is the framework for everything we do in the Mystery School Tradition!


This workshop shares the ancient keys and tools for personal growth & transformation, making it easier to flow more joy in your lives.


At the end of this 2-day class, you will recieve an initation which empowers you to flow 10 times more spiritual energies into the physical world and to live life  with more success, purpose, joy and love.


Many people who have achieved great things in the world have become initiated into this lineage.


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Discovery Session

The best way to start is to spend some time getting to know each other. Once we have an understanding of your interests and goals, and you feel it is a good fit,  we can recommend an action plan. The goal here is creating a personalized plan that meets your needs and emporers you on your  path of  progression.

If you found yourself here, you likely:

  • know there's something more to life than the physical & are searching for something more;

  • Desire a deeper understanding and  purpose in your life;

  • Are seeking to uncover your true potential

  • And to be Happy!

Activate Your Potential!
Get Empowered!
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