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Healing Sessions

​These healing sessions and classes have been handed down for thousands of years in a direct and traceable ancient mystery shcool from the lineage  of King Salomon.  We are certified Teachers and Healers with the Modern Mystery School and are committed to serving the highest good of each person we work with.


All living things are composed of energy, and how well this energy flows determines an organism’s overall health. Energy imbalances may cause exhaustion and stress, but depending on severity such imbalances will also manifest as physical injury and sickness.  Therefore, it is important to take care of the energetic body to maintain overall health and well being.


These healings & empowerments have had a substantial effect in helping people to move forward in life, and attaining what you want in your life.

The list of healings available include: (descriptions coming soon)

Life Activation

Emotional Cord Cutting (& Negative Energy Removal)

Purification by Light

Etheric Reconstruction

 – Physical Body Region

 – Celestial Code Region

Starseed Healing

Unified Chakra Awakening

16 Lotus Petal Balancing

Isis Healing Modalities

The King Solomon Healing Modality (11 sessions)

– Starseed Healing

– Tree of Life Healing

– Seal of Solomon Healing

– Tone Healing

– Aura Healing

– Exorcism Healing

– Etheric Body Healing

– Mental Body Healing

– Celestial Code Etheric Surgery



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